Disclosure & Data Protection

Conviron Germany GmbH
Friedrich-Olbricht-Damm 62
13627 Berlin

EU Representative:
Dr. Carsten Richter - Sales Manager
Tel +49 (0) 30 367 006 62
email: crichter@conviron.com

State of Registration: Federal Republic of Germany
Registration no.: HRB-103872B
VAT identification number: DE 814728834


Visiting the Conviron website may result in the storage of information about which pages were accessed, when, for how long as well as other usage data. This data is used for the compilation of website usage statistics only. This does not represent collection of personal data such as name, address, telephone, organizational affiliation, e-mail address, etc.

Some web pages ask that users submit personal information such as name, organizational affiliation, email address, etc. for information exchanges, technical questions, newsletters, quotation or other purposes. Such information is voluntarily provided by users and may be used by Conviron for sales, marketing and technical support functions only. Conviron respects your privacy. If Conviron processes or stores your personal data or communicates with you, your granted consent can be revoked by contacting us.

Access to personal data is restricted to authorized personnel who are responsible for the technical, commercial or other support and is stored on specially protected Conviron servers. Should a transfer of data to third parties take place, Conviron requires partners to have a confidentiality and data safegaurd policy in place. While Conviron does not comprehensively monitor compliance and does not accept liability for third parties, only reputable partners are used and all must commit themselves in writing to high standards of confidentiality and data protection.

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